At Warren Fabricating and Machining, we believe Quality begins with training. Our in-house Certified Weld Inspectors, Machining Inspectors, Certified Welders, and Certified Non-Destructive Testing Quality Control Inspectors are constantly learning new techniques, studying for new certifications, and imparting that knowledge and quality into every fabrication. 

WarFab currently employs (2) Certified Weld Inspectors (3) ASNT NDT & NDE Level II UT, MT & PT Inspectors, (4) ASNT NDT & NDE Level I UT, MT, and PT Inspectors. We also offer outside ASNT Level III UT inspection for the most critical weld quality evaluation.

Warren Fabricating and Machining Corporation ASME / NBIC Certifications

 ASME: The S Certificate which allows WarFab to manufacture and assemble ASME Section I Power Boilers at our Hubbard facility and on field sites with the ability to fabricate and  assemble pressure piping at the Hubbard facility or on field sites per ASME Code Section B31.1.

The U Certificate for the manufacture and assembly of Section VIII Division I  Pressure Vessels at the Hubbard facility and on field sites.

NBIC: The R Certificate allowing WarFab to perform repairs and alterations of metallic pressure retaining items at our facility and on field sites in accordance with the NBIC and Jurisdictional Requirements.