We Are War Fab Thanks To Our Welders

We Are War Fab Thanks To Our Welders

Join us as we take a well-deserved moment to celebrate National Welding Month. The American Welding Society did some digging… “Did you know that good welding is invisible 99% of the time? And it is only noticed when something goes wrong… and that is outrageously unfair.”  We could not agree more.  

We are glad to help this organization recognize the workers who make this industry as strong as it is and who keep this country moving forward. During the month of April, we want to help the American Welding Society raise awareness about the shortage of trade skills in the welding industry, and we would also like to celebrate the work of the welders who have delivered non-stop quality and built the world we live in today.  

We pride ourselves on the strength of our welding team.  We are proud to help each of them through their certification process.  

“This year we are also hyper focused on our certification and welding processes.  It is an advantage that we have so many high level welders on-staff– a lot of whom we have actually helped achieve their certifications while they are working here.  They can take their test, do all their schooling the company pays for it. I think we are one of the only fabricators in this area with five CWI’s on staff,”

Regina Rebhan Mitchell, Warren Fabricating CEO.

(Hard) hats off to our incredible team of welders.  They help build some of the largest and strongest pieces of equipment in the world, and they mean the world to us.  They dedicate their days and nights and weekends to ensuring every project leads with quality.  This month, and every month, we are War Fab thanks to our welders.